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Depend on our family-owned company when you need forklift services. We gladly transport forklifts wherever you need within Redding and 100 miles within its surrounding areas. Take advantage of crane and forklift services for all your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. We make moving heavy objects easy so you can spend your time doing other important tasks.

Move your items promptly and properly

Feel confident when our state-licensed contractors handle your semi-truck’s shifting load on scales in your area. 24-hour services are available for your personal convenience!

- Versatile services

- Safe and simple

- Lift thousands of pounds

- Systematic loading

- Transportation

- Remote operated


Let Rick's 35 years of experience benefit you

You can depend on our experienced professionals to help you load shift and transfer for Cottonwood scales and Mt. Shasta scales. We efficiently handle small and large shifting loads on semi-trucks at the scales so you can rest assured that your job is always done accurately. Appreciate personal help from start to finish at the most competitive prices!

We help you at the scales


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